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Founded in 1584, Gosset is the oldest wine producer in Champagne. At that time, the wines of Champagne were still table wines produced from pinot noir and chardonnay; the wines from Ay were ranked with the wines of Beaune as the finest in France. It was not until the 18thCentury that the production of sparkling wine began; to this day Gosset uses the same antique flask bottle that was first used in the 1700’s.

Today Champagne Gosset is owned by the Cointreau family, also owners of Cognac Frapin. Annual production is 1.3 million bottles per year – many times more than beloved small growers such as Billiot, Larmandier-Bernier, or Gimonnet, but a tiny fraction of the production of the big negociant houses (Moet produces a staggering 30 million bottles per year). The wines are produced almost entirely (95%) from premier crus and grand crus vineyards. The style is resolutely traditional: in order to preserve maximum freshness, the wines never undergo malolactic fermentation. The prestige cuvees are always riddled and disgorged entirely by hand.

Gosset wines are a classic expression of the tradition of Champagne, at once powerful and full of finesse. Wonderfully fresh when young, they age superbly, mellowing into wines of great grace and refinement.

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