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About us

Trialto is a team of passionate wine professionals. Trialto represents “wines of people, place and time”. We measure our success by the success of our winery partners and the success of our channel customers. Trialto represents the most prestigious premium wines from around the world and serves the Canadian market by helping liquor boards, retailers and restaurants source, sell and market these wines.

About Wine

Trialto is Canada’s most important national premium wine company.  We work exclusively with premium wines; no beer, no volume spirits, no bulk wines.  With a team of over 60 employees, 100% dedicated to premium wine, we are Canada’s largest agency team of fine wine experts.

Wine is the bond that keeps us together.  There may be money to be made in beer, spirits, coffee or donuts but we don’t care: we are a wine company.  The company was formed on the founders’ passion for wine and our employees work with us because of this commitment to wine.

About People

The wines we represent tell a story about people.  A story about the families who make the wine, their values, their history, and the culture of the place they come from.  Our job is to help our winery partners tell their stories.

We are in the business of connecting people:  the people who make the wine; the people who write about the wine; the people who buy and sell the wine; and, the people who drink the wine.  A critical part of our business is understanding people.

We invest in our people with extensive training, team building and networking. Our employees, our relationships, our network is our business.

About Place

Wine is narrative.  Wine tells a story about the place where the wine is made.  The wines we represent capture the essence of a place and allow one to experience place through wine.  Wines that authentically represent a place play an important role in preserving the culture and history of that place.

We are all about place and telling the stories of place.  Part of our ongoing employee training ensures that all employees travel to wine regions, touch the soil, meet the people and experience the culture of place.

Our place is Canada and we are proud of where we live.  We believe we are the most important national wine agency in Canada and we believe we have an important role in supporting the sourcing, marketing and sales of “wines of people, place and time” into all regions across Canada.  We have a team of specialist dedicated to understanding the regulatory systems in each of Canada’s provincial markets and we have teams of sales specialists dedicated to knowing the key people across Canada.  We have offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal and “feet on the street” in 12 major cities.

We work closely with the liquor boards to sell, market and support wine retailing in each of the government controlled markets. The wines we represent are found in the most important restaurants, private retail stores and hotels across Canada.  Our goal is to ensure our trade partners have access to the wines and people of the world’s greatest family owned wineries.

About Time

Wine is not only about the people that make it or the place it comes from; wine also tells a story about a period in time.

  • From a period in time
  • Multi generational / wine is history
  • A link to another time
  • For an occasion

We are about spending time with the people behind the wines and learning their stories.  We are also about having a good time.  We are a team that likes to work hard and play hard.

We are also about respecting time.  The market place in Canada is flooded with wines and people promoting those wines.  Our customer’s time is valuable.  By improving information systems, offering valuable wine seminars and tastings, and being prepared for meetings we respect time.